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Yad Vashem UK Foundation believes in the importance of educating, imparting and bequeathing to future generations the legacy of Holocaust. By doing so, we can move from the horror of yesterday to the promise of tomorrow.
It is surely our responsibility that Yad Vashem Jerusalem should not only be the Key to our Roots and the Gate to our Memory but hopefully achieve its objectives of illuminating the Path to a more Humane Future.

To ensure that the tragedy of the Holocaust is never forgotten

To honour the memory of those who perished

To impart the legacy of the Holocaust to shape a more humane future

Yad Vashem UK Foundation bears the responsibility of passing the torch of remembrance from the Survivors to the coming generations. There are growing waves of hatred and anti Semitism throughout Europe which must be repelled and the world must never be allowed to forget the lessons of the Holocaust.

We support the work of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and strive to raise public awareness by initiating our supporting educational programmes from a Jewish perspective, for Holocaust educators, teachers and students.
We also organise a variety of events and activities to learn from the experience of the Shoah.

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